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Bulk Technik is a local company that was established in 1988 and is active throughout South Africa and the neighbouring countries in the field of materials handling (storage and conveying). Our first-rate capabilities and mastery of the key technologies include: lime slaking, pneumatic conveying, screw conveyors, bulk storage silos. We rank us among the global leaders in design and construction of this bulk materials handling equipment.

As a reliable, service driven and competent partner, we offer our customers extensive expertise in the listed fields of materials handling and engineering. By supplying economic solutions, we help our customers attain sustained success and competitive advantages.


Bulk Technik supplies a wide range of standard equipment for storing and handling bulk materials as well as custom designed products and plants specifically engineered to our high standards and our customers’ needs. Our equipment is designed using the latest 3D computer software and analysed using both conventional design calculations as well at finite element technology (FEA), which enables our engineers to perform complex stress analyses.

The Bulk Technik designed products comply with the highest quality standards and have been engineered and developed with our vast expertise and experience that we have gained over the many years in materials handling. Our range of equipment is suitable for most powder and granular products in the food and non food sectors. Our main areas of expertise include:

  • Bulk storage silos and handling plants for powdery and granular materials such as bran, cement, coal dust, flour, lime (hydrated and unhydrated), soda ash, sodium sulphate and wheat
  • Pneumatic conveying systems for a diverse range of bulk products, from very abrasive to delicate materials. These will be conveyed via one of the following pneumatic systems:
    • Dilute phase conveying systems
    • Dense phase, low velocity conveying: Takt-Schub, Fluidstat or Fluid-Schub systems
    • Jet conveyor systems
    • Vacuum conveying systems
    • Burnt lime storage, handling and slaking plants (slurry-type slakers from 0.6 to 5.5 t/h)
    • Hydrated lime storage, dosing and slurrying installations
    • Storage Silos - standard sizes as well as custom designed
    • Weigh-batching and mixing plants
    • Screw conveyors and screw feeders - tubular and trough as well as dosing feeders


bulktech pneumatic conveying schematics

Twin vessel conveying system









The fundamental design of our equipment has not changed significantly over the years, however, we are continuously improving our products with the advancement of computer software, newer materials as well as more modern production facilities and methods. Our equipment is designed to not only provide reliable service, but also allow for easy maintenance as well as optimised to make use of modern fabrication processes. Many components are laser cut or water jetted in order to provide the best accuracy, product quality as well as interchangeability.

Bulk Technik has the local agency for supplying the German made AKO pinch valves. Both pneumatically and mechanically operated pinch valves are available and over 11 different types of sleeves can be supplied to best suit the process conditions.

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Bulk Technik is currently a Level 5 B-BBEE contributor. Our company’s ongoing efforts have seen its grading increase over the years. A copy of our current certificate is available on request.



Bulk Technik has implemented a number of steps to reduce their carbon foot print and protect the environment. Our company is currently building new premises which will make use of natural light source as well as LED lighting as well as solar heating for the hot water supply. In winter, the underfloor heating will also be solar driven while the design of the offices make use of natural cooling thereby eliminating the use of air conditioning.

Our company policy and design guide is to to reduce the carbon foot print  of their products, initially in the design/manufacturing/transport stage but also in the field. Thus our clients will benefit by the reduction in power consumption which is achieved by using premium efficiency motors, improved designs and control philosophies.  

Please make use of the carbon foot print calculator. It is a useful tool to determine the amount of CO2 being produced and conveniently converts it into the number of trees that should be planted.