Dust and Flow Measuring Instruments


Quantitative dust and product flow has now been made possible with the range of instruments supplied by SWR Engineering. Bulk Technik has been appointed as the distributor for this German based company. Their instruments have a wide range of applications, from measuring dust in exhaust ducts to product flow of both dense and dilute pneumatic conveying systems.


Bulk Flow Detection

FlowJam - detects product flow



The FlowJam instrument is used to detect material flow. It can distinguish between the following conditions: material flow, no flow (empty) or no flow (full). The FlowJam can measure through non-metallic pipes and does not have to make contact with the material. The instrument can be used for processes of up to 20 bar and 1000 °C. The FlowJam can be implemented to detect streams of powder, dust or granules in almost any conveying method. It can be placed into a pneumatic conveying pipe, a duct or chute with  gravity feed, a cyclone, on a belt conveyor and even in a screw conveyor. 



The SlideControl was developed to measure flow in air slides without making contact with the material. The flowrate is calculated by measuring the product height above the aeration membrane with microwave technology. The 4-20 mA output signal is processed to provide a product flow rate while a relay can switch an alarm signal.



The MaxxFlow instrument is designed to measure the volume of bulk goods and solids with high flowrates. It has a completely open cross section and low installation height of 300mm, therefore can easily be installed in the process. It can be placed in a vertical or inclined pipe, but always after mechanical equipment such as a feeder or conveyor.

Some of the benefits of the MaxxFlow are: no upper limit on throughput volume, max pressure of 10 bar and 120˚C, totally dust-tight, product not in contact with measuring process, wear resistant since it is internally lined with a ceramic tube.

The MaxxFlow measures the product density and speed of the product which then is converted to a product flowrate. In addition to measuring the flowrate, the MaxxFlow is ideal for filling of tankers and trucks that are not standing on a weighbridge. This allows an accurate volume to be discharged thereby preventing material having to be off-loaded or added once the truck is weighed.



The M-Sens is used for measuring capillary and surface humidity in powders with an accuracy of 0.1%. Temperature fluctuations of the product are automatically compensated. The sensor is wear resistant and fully watertight providing a long and reliable service life. It can be installed in hoppers, screw conveyors, belt conveyors and essentially needs a 50 mm or thicker product layer which moves past the sensor.



The SolidFlow has been developed for quantitative measurement of solids in pipes. The sensor is ideal for powders, granulate and dust with particle sizes between 1 and 10 mm. These can be measured in pneumatic conveying lines or during gravity fall after a mechanical feed device. It can measure flow from a few kg/h to a maximum of 20 t/h.

SolidFlow must be used in a metallic pipe in which the microwave technology creates a measurement field that essentially counts the particles per unit of time. It can easily be retrofitted to existing systems, it will not wear and can be installed in potentially explosive environments.



The Dusty is essentially a reliable instrument for broken bag detection. It can also be used to detect dust particles in a gas flowing in a metal channel. The switching point can be set in order to customize the limit at which the alarm is to be triggered. The Dusty can be combined with a converter for a 4 – 20 mA output signal to provide a trend signal.


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