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Bulk Technik can provide a number of different air filtration systems for de-dusting the air when conveying product pneumatically into silos. The most simple filter is the sock type filter that is commonly used in the cement industry, while the more advanced filters operate with air jets that pulse the filter bags are regular intervals.


The sock or bag type silo filter consists of a mild steel filter housing that allows the filtered air to escape, but prevents any ingress of rain into the silo. A conical filter bag is fitted to a mild steel cage, which in turn is bolted to the housing. For maintenance purposes, the hinged weather hood can safely be rotated, the bag insert removed and the filter bag replaced. This is a cheap and reasonably effective method of filtering the air, however, the filter bag must be cleaned at regular intervals.


Bulk Technik supplies a range of filter housings with or without a Dalamatic type filter. Two types of housings are offered, either to mount the filter horizontally or vertically. The operation of the filter is not affected by the mounting position, however, with a horizontally mounted filter is far easier to change the filter bags and service the filter air control system. If required, a counter flange for the housing can be supplied which is then welded into the silo or hopper roof.



bag type silo filter