twin shaft lump breaker

lump breaker 2



Bulk Technik has designed a range of lump breakers that have a very low height and can thereby be easily accommodated in existing plants or new installations. The lump breakers are essentially intended to break large material lumps that are formed when product sticks together. They are not really intended to break foreign hard matter or crush rocks. The product lumps are reduced to approximately 10-12 mm, essentially the lump size is determined by the gaps between the rotating cutting blades.

The standard series of lump breakers have a robust housing that is constructed and welded from laser cut plate. The rotating shafts are fitted with blades that are manufactured from standard mild steel or abrasion resistant metals. A disk type coupling connects the drive shaft to the geared motor, while two gear wheels on the opposite side turn the non-driven shaft in the opposing direction. The shafts are positioned by flange type bearings while a double oil-seal arrangement ensures dust free operation of the unit.

The lump breakers are manufactured from mild steel, however, we can also supply units that have all wetted parts fabricated from stainless steel.