Bulk Technik has developed a versatile mini-silo that can easily be gravity filled and then transported with a forklift and placed onto a docking station for emptying the product. The mini silos range from 1.5 m3 to 3.5 m3 and all have a spring operated discharge system that automatically closes when the silo is lifted off the docking station. Product is filled into the silo via a hinged inlet opening. These mini silo can be supplied in mild steel, 3Cr12 or stainless steel.


The docking station consists of a mounting frame with guide plates to allow the mini solo to be docked with the discharge mechanism. This essentially consists of a small bin activator, complete with vibrating motor, flexible sleeves and rubber sealing ring. The docking station pushes the spring operated sealing cone of the mini silo upwards, thereby creating a gap between the mini silo shell and the sealing cone for product to flow out. The vibrations of the bin activator are transferred onto the sealing cone and thus assists with discharging the product out of the mini silo.


Usually a screw conveyor will be fitted to the docking station to feed product to another process, however, other forms of handling the contents of the mini silo can also be used.