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Bulk Technik has successfully completed numerous projects for industry leading clients such as:


      •   African Oxygen Limited - bulk bag unloading and feeding plant for lime and silica.


  • Afrisam - 900 t bulk cement terminal with pneumatic railway tanker unloading facility and weigh bridge and loading spout to fill road tankers.

      •   Anglo Platinum / Rustenburg Platinum Mines - numerous dense phase pneumatic conveying systems, storage silos, supply of cone valves, pinch valves, screw conveyors, knife gates, telescopic loading spouts 

         •   Aveng Water - lime storage and feeding plant 

         •   BCL Limited - pneumatic conveying systems, screw conveyors, pinch valves

         •     Bright Refining - screw conveyors and storage hoppers 

         •     Buhler - design and supply of numerous silos for storage of bran, flour, wheat 

         •     Hatch Africa - pneumatic conveying systems 

         •     Highveld Steel and Vanadium Corp - high temperature screw conveyors, coal storage silo 

         •     Murray & Roberts - concentrate pneumatic conveying system 

         •     Mondi - starch storage silo with vibrating bin activator and discharge screw conveyor 

          •     Proxa - numerous lime and soda ash bulk storage and mixing plants

              Tongaat Hulett Starch - numerous silos for starch and sugar, pneumatic conveying systems, screw conveyors 

         •    TWP Projects - pneumatic conveying systems and storage silos 

         •    Sappi - starch storage silos and discharge screw conveyors 

         •     SNC Lavalin - lime storage silo and discharge equipment including a screw conveyor 

         •     VWS Envig - lime storage and mixing plants