female storz coupling

hose strorz coupling



 Storz quick-lock couplings are widely employed in fire fighting equipment and fire hoses as well as for road tanker hoses, that are often coupled to filling pipes of silos and vessels. The Storz couplings are supplied with either a hose coupling or a threaded connection that can be male or female. 


Storz couplings have identical locking mechanisms, with each coupling having two lugs that are screwed together with a special spanner, thereby forming a tight, leak proof seal. The couplings are suitable for line pressures of up to 16 bar. 


When ordering Storz couplings, there are two key dimensions required, over and above the type (hose, screwed, blank). The Storz coupling size and the lug distance or KA value. It must be noted that only couplings with the same KA values can be joined (even if the size differs). For hose couplings, the length of the serrated hose tail will also be required. 


Bulk Technik imports the Storz couplings directly from their supplier in Germany. These couplings are quality tested and certified according to DIN. Both forged and cast Storz couplings are available, but it should be noted, that forged couplings are almost 4 times stronger than the cast couplings (test results can be forwarded on request). This far superior mechanical property is extremely important when ordering couplings for applications with a pressurised gas or fluid, where failure could lead to injuries and damage to property.